Paedophiles with guilty consciences post lies…


Fr John Tolkien

 This is a photo of Father John Tolkien the predatory paedophile that sexually abused so many children during his 50+ year ministry in the Catholic Church.

Perverts for their own sick reasons post false stories claiming Fr Tolkien was innocent of abusing any child. These claims are shameful and bring into question  the morality and reasoning of their author. So fixated is one particular author (him or her?) has created a website which takes the truth and turns it on its head. It should be noted that the Internet is being wiped clean of legitimate postings exposing the criminal activity of the paedophile priest. Also links are being attached to lead people to the false site the indications are that the author is highly qualified in Internet manipulation, most likely a professional. The question is “Why is this person doing this”. Only two logical answers present themselves; Either this person has issues of their own that others are aware of, Mandatory Reporting would cause their criminality to be exposed. On the other hand it’s someone close to the Tolkien family seeking to cover up the priests vile history.
Using logical deduction these blatant and evil attempts to confuse the issues of child sexual abuse can easily be exposed.  See the page  ‘Tolkien is Klone’it Book Review’ considering this review is written by a lawyer, would the Tolkien Estate really allow it to go unchallenged?  The Tolkien family are renown for their readiness to issue libel suits against anyone who dares impugn their name or titles. Surely this supports the conclusion, they have no defence!

Christopher Carrie campaigns for Mandatory Reporting of child abuse .

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Tolkien is Klone'it exposes the corruptive influence Fr John Francis Reuel Tolkien had on the lives of innumerable children. Eldest son of JRR Tolkien he moved from one Catholic parish after another sexually molesting the children of his parishioners.