Tolkien is Klone’it


In the early hours of Monday the 7th of January 1991 Con stood between the tracks of the Birmingham to London railway line and was killed instantly.  Con had been heard to say “it’s all that f—ing priest Tolkien’s fault”, they were Con’s last known words.  The priest Con spoke of was Fr John Tolkien pederast and eldest son of Lord of the Rings fantasy writer JRR Tolkien.

Christopher Carrie and Con grew up together, they went to the same school, the same clubs and they even shared the same girlfriends. For a quarter of a century neither told the other that Fr Tolkien had sexually abused them. Never, until that fateful night when Con asked Chris “Do you remember that priest at the English Martyrs” the one named Tolkien?

Following Con’s death Chris determined to trace Fr John Tolkien and confront him with the harm his fifteen minutes of fiddling caused to his child victims life.

The book “Tolkien is Klone’it” tracks the priest through six parishes that the Catholic hierarchy shuffled their rich, predatory pederast and benefactor through.

Far beyond the realms of fantasy I never imagined the dishonest vile campaign of disinformation the Tolkien family would launch against me.

tolkien-1955 (1)

Tolkien family photo (1955) Fr Tolkien centre JRR Tolkien to his left.

Christopher Carrie campaigns for Mandatory Reporting of the  sexual abuse of a child.

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Tolkien is Klone'it exposes the corruptive influence Fr John Francis Reuel Tolkien had on the lives of innumerable children. Eldest son of JRR Tolkien he moved from one Catholic parish after another sexually molesting the children of his parishioners.