Carrie – v – Tolkien

Christopher Carrie has issued four High Court actions against factions of the Tolkien Estate their lawyers Manches Llp and the Archdiocese of Birmingham

(1) Carrie v The Archdiocese of Birmingham – Absence of a Duty of Care (Settled in full without conditions in favour of Christopher Carrie; Plaintive.)

Archdiocese of Birmingham

(2) Carrie v Fr John Francis Reuel Tolkien – Libel (Abated on the death of the defendant) – after years of fighting to get Fr Tolkien before the Courts he died on the very morning he was listed in the Royal Courts of Justice. You just couldn’t make it up!

Royal Courts of Justice 2

(3) Carrie v Joanne Tolkien (Niece) & Steven Maier (Family Lawyer) – Libel (Settled out of court with compensation and agreed terms in favour of Christopher Carrie; Plaintive.)


(4) Carrie v Royd Tolkien  Action was struck out due to Ross Craig Llp and barrister Timothy Atkinson assuming the case was a mere penalty kick. Ross Craig Llp put the equivalent of the office cat in charge of the case and the cat screwed up!

PeterM_Sad_cat (1)

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Tolkien is Klone'it exposes the corruptive influence Fr John Francis Reuel Tolkien had on the lives of innumerable children. Eldest son of JRR Tolkien he moved from one Catholic parish after another sexually molesting the children of his parishioners.