Tolkien and the Archbishop

Read Archbishop M. Couve de Murville’s response following complaints about Fr John Tolkien.

He begins by stating; “I have fully investigated your complaint” and “I have also interviewed Father Tolkien”. Archbishop Couve De Murville


Okay so you fully investigated Fr Tolkien!  What did he say that moved you to consider introducing the police?

He must have said something incriminating himself for you to repond that way.  More to the point it was incumbent on you to call in the police, not run the notion past me the complainant.

Where is there one single denial in the whole of this letter?

 Christopher Carrie campaigns for Mandatory Reporting of the sexual abuse of a child.

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Tolkien is Klone'it exposes the corruptive influence Fr John Francis Reuel Tolkien had on the lives of innumerable children. Eldest son of JRR Tolkien he moved from one Catholic parish after another sexually molesting the children of his parishioners.