CPS to prosecute ‘trolls’ who use fake online profiles

3 March 2016

CPS to prosecute ‘trolls’ who use fake online profiles

The Crown Prosecution Service says adults should be charged if, they make a profile in the name of a victim with fake information which could damage their reputation.

“It is vital that prosecutors when looking at evidence examine both the online and offline behavior pattern of the defendant,” said director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders.

“Online abuse is cowardly and can be deeply upsetting to the victim” even to the point it causes the victim to respond calling the cowardly abuser all manner of unflattering names. This is a dangerous response on the part of the victim, for instance, if their abuser is technically skillful they will delete their own postings leaving just their victims replies. This is where the cunning abuser will then report the victim to the authorities who will only see the postings made by the victim; it’s called “Victim Role Reversal”.  

Fake accounts and websites can be used by those posing as victims to post embarrassing messages or pictures.

This “may amount to an offence, such as grossly offensive communication or harassment”, the CPS said.

Twitter do not appear to have any hard and fast rules about users having multiple accounts and this enables those wishing harm to others reputations to run amok.

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