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The Catholic Church has paid substantial damages to Christopher Carrie and a number of other men who claim they were sexually abused by the son ofJ.R.R.Tolkien author of books ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ 

Fr Tolkien “He is a stubborn man who, when he can, copes with difficulties by denial” Joanne Tolkien.  

“With hindsight Fr John Tolkien should have been stopped sooner” That’s a lot of hindsight 1957 – 2003 Cardinal Vincent Nichols

“Your bravery and stubbornness has made sure that Fr Tolkien did not slip away unnoticed and future biographers will give him his rightful place in the story”  John Harlow The SundayTimes

“This newspaper was threatened with legal action to stop us telling the truth”. David Brookes Editor Sunday Mercury

“Denial will achieve nothing.  Nor will protecting pervert priests at the expense of their victims.  There is no room for prevarication when it comes to protecting children.
Only by bringing this story out into the open can we hope to make sure there are no more John Tolkien’s”  David Brookes Editor Sunday Mercury

“Fr Tolkien has been arrested…”  D.I. Steve Craddock West-Midlands Police

“The case passed what is termed the evidential test; in that it was felt there was sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction”  Julie Seddon Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

Christopher Carrie campaigns for Mandatory Reporting of anyone having knowledge of a person involved in the sexual abuse of a child.