Lorely Burt – Liberal Democrat MP for Solihull attacks Rotherham police commissioner.

 Rotherham sexual abuse ‘Pot calls Kettle black…’


Lorely Burt – Liberal Democrat MP for Solihull has launched a vitriolic attack on Rotherham police commissioner Shaun Wright following revelation of the scandal surrounding the sexual abuse of more than a thousand children in Rotherham.

In her weekly comment to the Solihull Observer she wrote; “South Yorkshire’s current Police & Crime Commissioner was responsible for child safety in Rotherham during five years of the abuse. Political leaders across the board have called on Shaun Wright to follow the example of Rotherham’s former council leader, do the decent thing, and resign. Faced with an ultimatum to quit his job or the Labour Party, he chose to keep his £85,000 a year job.  In closing she wrote; “We must change the culture among some public servants which enabled them to turn a blind eye to these abuses for such a terribly long time. Any allegations and even suspicions must be investigated and followed through.” Lorely Burt MP 4th September 2014

In contrast; Christopher Carrie a resident of Solihull wrote to Lorely Burt in 2007 seeking her help to have current and historic paedophilia at a residential school investigated. In his letter he made Lorely Burt aware of the serious issues involving no less than an MP, Assistant Chief Constable plus a number of high profile celebrities. Lorely Burt wrote back to Mr Carrie twice confirming action was taking place even in her last communication inviting him to get back to her, he did a number of times, but eight years later he’s still waiting for a reply.

Is it time Lorely Burt did the decent thing?

Christopher Carrie campaigns for the introduction of Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse!

Solihull man cleared of Harassing Tolkien…

Christopher Carrie author of Tolkien is Klone’it has been cleared of harassing a remote relative of the Tolkien family. Following a two year investigation by Solihull Police the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence against Mr Carrie.

Asked to comment Mr Carrie said, I write only the truth; my book is a valuable asset to students and fans of JRR Tolkien. Compare the opening pages of the Lord of the Rings with the information contained in my book and the hidden mystery is revealed.

I was born in Moseley and played in all the same haunts as JRR Tolkien such as Moseley Bog and Sarehole Mill. During the fifties JRR’s eldest son JFR Tolkien (Tolley) was my scoutmaster. Tolley told me much about his father, what he said opened my eye’s to the hidden mystery behind the real JRR Tolkien.

Silly nondescript spoilers run propaganda websites intended to belittle my revelations, however they usually end up paying me damages in the courts or flat on their backsides as is the case in this latest episode.

If like me you enjoy the books and films surrounding the wonderful fantasy worlds of JRR Tolkien then surely understanding the as yet unpublished motivation of the author is imperative. Discover the hidden mystery behind the man nominated author of the last century in Tolkien is Klone’it.

Christopher Carrie campaigns for the introduction of Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse!

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Man cleared of harassing member of Tolkien family

15th July 2014: Birmingham Magistrates cleared Christopher Carrie author of the book ‘Tolkien is Klone’it’ of harassing a relative of the Lord of the Rings author. Following a two year investigation by Solihull police the prosecution offered no evidence against Mr Carrie.

Mr Carrie said; “This nonsense has cost the public purse upwards of one hundred thousand pounds and should never have been brought to court. I will be seeking advice in respect of the enormous amount of time and money this pantomime has cost me”.

Christopher Carrie campaigns for the introduction of Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse!

Broadmoor paedophile gang linked to Jimmy Savile

21/06/2014 Patients at Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital have come forward alleging they were raped and abused during the time Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor.  Thames Valley police are now expected to arrest suspects in the coming months.   Victims contacted ­detectives who were investigating allegations that Savile molested patients in Broadmoor psychiatric hospital.  The investigation is linked to Operation Yewtree – the Metropolitan Police investigation launched in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.   A source said: “A team of specialist detectives have been working with Scotland Yard on Jimmy Savile and other suspects who are still alive” these fresh allegations are believed to date back as far as the 1970s.   Disgraced BBC and Top of the Pops presenter Savile died aged 84 in 2011.

Christopher Carrie campaigns for the introduction of Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse!

Betrayed a Lawyers insight to child sex abuse in the Catholic Church

Richard Scorer is a Partner in Pannone LLP part of the Slater & Gordon Group best known for representing victims of child abuse in cases against the Catholic Church. Between 1999 and 2002 he represented victims of paedophile priest Father Michael Hill, who was convicted and jailed for five years for multiple sex offences against children. As a result the Catholic Church was shamed into sweeping reforms of the way it investigates abuse claims. Hill, a known paedophile, was moved to another chaplaincy by former Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, at the time bishop of Arundel and Brighton. Over the last 15 years Richard has successfully represented victims in many high profile cases, none more so than those of Fr John Tolkien the son of Lord of Rings author JRR Tolkien. Richard has acted in cases involving leading Catholic public schools such as Ampleforth and most recently on behalf of victims of Father William Green, a priest of Bishop Terrence Brain’s diocese of Salford. Richard has also written and spoken widely on the legal issues in child abuse cases. His latest book ‘Betrayed’ published by Biteback gives a telling insight to the church’s indifference to the victims of their paedophile brethren. This compelling book, from an expert in the field, is both a devastating exposé of past misdeeds and a vital call to arms in the fight to ensure that the sins of the Fathers are not visited on a new generation.

Richard ScorerRichard Scorer

  Betrayed available from Bitebook Publishing 

Christopher Carrie campaigns for the introduction of Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse!

Twitterer’s get Bird for moment of madness…

Two people who sent abusive and menacing tweets to Caroline Criado-Perez and Labour MP Stella Creasy have been jailed.

Isabella Sorley aged 23, and John Nimmo aged 25 posted a barrage of abusive tweets against both women.

District Judge Howard Riddle jailed Sorley for twelve weeks and Nimmo for eight weeks.

Both were ordered pay £400 compensation to each of their victim.

Powerful Men who Abuse children…

Celebrity Paedophiles protected by Police Incompetance.

HMV has withdrawn all of the ‘Lost Prophets’ albums and associated material following the trial of lead singer Ian Watkins on charges of child sexual abuse.

A spokesperson for HMV which runs one hundred and forty stores in the UK, confirmed today it will no longer sell any of the band’s music in stores or on line, and staff have been ordered to remove stock from shelves.

Watkins former frontman of the now-defunct Welsh band pleaded guilty to thirteen offences of sexual abuse of minors, including two charges of the attempted rape of a baby.

Two female co-defendants, who could not be named for legal reasons pleaded guilty to a number of child sex offences, including allowing Watkins to sexually abuse their babies. 

It since transpired Peaches Geldof daughter of Sir Bob (Boomtown Rat) Geldof posted the names of the two women on Twitter, she could face criminal prosecution. Victims of sexual abuse are given lifelong anonymity and by Peaches actions their identity is now compromised.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has launched an investigation into South Wales Police’s handling of the investigation. Joanna Majic former girlfriend of Ian Watkins repeatedly warned police of the danger Watkins posed to children. For more than four years she warned them Watkins had told her he was a paedophile, but was ignored.

This complacency seems endemic considering the ongoing actions of the Solihull Police forces current support for paedophiles while investigators and complainants are distracted and prosecuted.

Madelein McCann the Timeline of events Questioned.

DCI Redwood discussing how the police have approached the inquiry says: “Primarily what we sought to do from the beginning was try to draw everything back to zero. Try and take everything back to the beginning and re-analyse and reassess everything, accepting nothing, careful and critical analysis of the timeline has been absolutely key.

Mr Redwood went on to say; “Primarily, we’re focused on the area between 8.30pm and 10pm. We know at 8.30 Mr and Mrs McCann went down to the tapas area for their dinner and we know that around at 10pm Mrs McCann discovered Madeleine was missing.”

The big question: Why this has only been discovered six years after Madeleine disappeared. Surely the timeline was established by the parents reporting their child missing?

Change the law to protect vulnerable children like Daniel Pelka

There’s urgent need for new legislation requiring the mandatory reporting of the sexual abuse of children.  Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, South Africa, Sweden and USA already have such law. Currently it is not a legal requirement for anyone having knowledge of the sexual abuse of children in the UK to report it to the police.  It beggars belief that the sexual abuse of a child serious a crime that it is yet reporting is entirely discretionary.

Please visit Support Daniel’s Law and sign the petition; https://www.change.org/danielslaw

TOLKIEN was Fr John the most prolific paedophile?

Police report Jimmy Savile abused at least 1,300 people over 54 years which equates to approximately 25 victims annually.

Fr John Tolkien appears to have molested young boys on an almost daily basis throughout his 49 year ministry in the Catholic Church.  Allowing for every weekend off reducing (daily basis) to 5 days a week gives an incredible total of almost 13,000 boys molested by this voracious paedophile.

These figures are gauged from the established rate Fr Tolkien was known to be abusing at while acting parish priest to the parishioners children of the English Martyrs Church Sparkhill, Birmingham.

Was Fr John Francis Reuel Tolkien the most prolific paedophile of our generation?  Your comments/experiences invited.